Waze Android version – issues and workarounds [[UPDATED]]

Dear wazers, 

We have some issues with our latest version for Android ( and here are some explanations and temporary workarounds:
  • Long error message when trying to launch widget
    For some users, the widget will display a long message with garbled text. There’s no workaround for this problem at the moment – we are working on solving it and will update once fixed. 
  • Android OS 1.5 – we are aware of some issues our latest version has on these devices, and we are working on a solution. In the meantime, if waze does not work on your phone, you can install the previous version. You have to first remove waze from your phone, then install the previous version from: http://tiny.cc/and2367
  • Widget showing ‘No Data’ – the solution here only works if the widget seems fine but shows no data. For the long message of text (first issue here), there’s no current workaround.
    the widget currently works if you set ‘Home’ and ‘Work’ in the same language that waze is currently configured to (i.e. if you are using waze in Italian, you must save your home address in your favorites as ‘Casa’). 
    We apologize this wasn’t clear in the instructions for the widget. The best way to do the workaround is as follows:
    • Remove any favorites called ‘Home’ and ‘Work’ from your list. You can remove the favorites using the small arrow next to the favorite location name. The close waze.
    • Remove the widget from your home screen.
    • Open waze again and click on ‘drive to’. You should see waze is showing you the options of “Home (touch to add)” and “Work (touch to add)“.
      Choose this option to add the favorite automatically and enter the address you’d like to save as your home or work.
    • Go back to the waze main screen (the map) and choose ‘drive to’ again. You should see the two new favorites with two special icons of home and office.
    • close waze, and add the widget again to your home screen. Hit refresh and it should now show you the details properly.
  • No option to add the widget:
    If you don’t see the option to add the widget, most likely you have waze installed on your SD card and not the internal memory. This is an Android limitation, therefore if you’d like to use the widget you must install it on the internal memory.
    We will update you as soon as we have a fix.

    One thought on “Waze Android version – issues and workarounds [[UPDATED]]

    1. lgcv

      <span class="" lang="en" id="result_box"><span class="hps">solved the</span> <span class="hps">problem,</span> <span class="hps">now works perfectly</span><span>, thanks a lot</span> <span class="hps">for the help</span> <span class="hps">you gave me</span></span>


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